About Us
Pink Maids Cleaning Services provides high quality cleaning services for your home. With more than 10 years experience we are a  highly recommended and respected cleaning service, providing you with a cleaner who will understand and meet your needs.

We will clean your house like it was our own - to perfection. And we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our service." 
Additional Services
interior cleaning of empty refrigerator
interior cleaning of empty kitchen cabinets
interior cleaning of empty stove/oven
enclosed balcony/porch
internal stairwells
extra rooms/areas

Service for vacant homes after moving. Typically the interior cleaning of appliances (refrigerator, stove) and cabinets are requested. Should be scheduled after other service providers (movers, contractors, etc.) are finished with their services and do not comprise with the our quality cleaning

When there is renovation done to any part of your home, heavy dust accumulates. An intensive cleaning is required and quotes are generated differently. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Licensed & Bonded
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